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Searching for Marker Information

Search GDB for complete marker information
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For additional names your marker may go by:

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For YACs your marker is positive for,
primer sequences, number of alleles, and heterozygosity

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For Stanford G3 Radiation Hybrid Mapping location

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To access complete sequence data for your marker (or gene)

Name of gene or marker:
You can make your search more specific by specifying (or eliminating) the source organism of interest.
and or but not ?

Select Database:
GenBank Updates - recent additions to the database only
GenBank - full database

For complete sequence, GDB information, PCR primers, genetic mapping,
YAC hits, contig info, radiation hybrid data, and more...

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Get vast amounts of info on genes - including nearby markers (if it's mapped).

Gene Name/Symbol:

Searching for YAC Information

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Multiple YACs - Separate YAC names by spaces.

Chromosome Browsing

Select Chromosome:
Map of contigs anchored to integrated (RH + genetic) map
Map of contigs anchored to radiation hybrid map
Complete radiation hybrid map
Map of contigs anchored to genetic map
List of all STSs assigned to chromosome


Search for genes and markers in your specific area

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GenBank Updates - recent additions to the database only
GenBank - full database

Entrez Search of Medline:

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Gapped BLAST search (v2.0):

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     Program Database
                 Perform ungapped alignment

The query sequence is filtered for low complexity regions by default.
Enter here your input data as

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