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How You Can Help
save the flag from consecration 

I am not a well-paid lobbyist -- I'm just a politically active person who feels strongly about this.  I'm not into fundraising or anything like that.  You don't need to send me money, and I won't ask you to.   If you'd like to help defray my operating expenses, though, you could do this for me:  any time you want to order books from Amazon.com, follow this link.  I'll get a small commission on the sale, you'll pay the regular amount you usually would, and it can help me pay my ISP fees.  Everyone wins.  You can even bookmark this link if you'd like -- or you can keep coming back to the Flag Burning Page.  I'm happy either way.   Here it is:

You could also link to the flag burning page! Just add a link to the main URL (http://www.esquilax.com/flag), and let me know. I like to know how many supporters there are out there!

It is important that you contact your Senator and Representative. Let them know how you feel about this issue, regardless of which side you take. Of course, I think that after reading all this site has to offer, you'd come to the logical conclusion that this amendment needs to be stopped.

So, go to one of the following links, and find your Senators' email addresses. If they don't have them, they may have home pages, FAX numbers, or at least snail-mail addresses.
Jeffrey Hoffman's Congressional Email Directory
for email addresses and home page links
Contacting Congress by Juan Cabanela
for a more detailed listing, including FAX numbers and telephone numbers.

You can also call the Congressional Switchboard at 1-800-962-3524 or 1-800-972-3524. If you give your name and address, they'll take you more seriously.

Once you have their email addresses, you can write a short message stating your feelings against this amendment. Bear in mind that short, concise letters will get the point across as well as longer ramblings. Tell your Representatives not to support or co-sponsor the Flag Amendment the next time it is introduced.  Tell your Senator to vote 'no' when the amendment comes up for a vote.

If you hear from them (other than a computer-generated form letter) let me know - I'll publish their responses right here on the page. Find out how they are planning to vote also - I'll compile all that info and post it here in a table.

Please feel free to use any of the material from this web site in constructing your letter to your Senators. If they haven't had the chance to see this yet, they might appreciate some of it.

You should also write letters to the editors of your local newspapers. Short, concise letters which make a brief point are most likely to get published.


Warren S. Apel