Esquilax Productions


Stuff, not solutions.


Everyone seems to offer you "solutions."  Not us.  We're not going to install your intranet or "help your employees communicate."  At Esquilax Productions, we're just churning out stuff.

Quality stuff, I think.  Award-winning webpages.  Decent-looking graphics.  

And it's not like we're even making lots of stuff.  And nothing earth-shattering.   No "portals."  No high-profile net-based magazines here.  Just a few cool pages you might get a kick out of. 

Hope you like them.

The Flag-Burning Page - protesting the flag consecration amendment since 1995.

NIFTY - tool for molecular geneticists

David Hasselhoff is the AntiChrist - here's the proof.

The Animated Holy Grail Opening Credits - not a big deal, just the credits to my favorite movie.  With the pseudo-Swedish subtitles.